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Yeah! It's Dusting!

July 16, 2018  •  Leave a Comment
Snow in Scotland was a slight dusting compared to other areas on the planet. But when it dusted we were really happy and just had to go out and play.
One time I remember in particular it was completely dark outside. It was a full moon though so there was that ethereal quality to the world.
We didn't have gloves at all. I don't remember if it was because we were too broke, or because it wasn't that cold very often. Either way, we had no gloves. My mother came up with a plan though. She used to save bread bags for other uses. That day the use was waterproofing over the three pairs of socks she put on each of our hands to keep our little fingers warm.
We did have wellies though -waterproof boots- no one in Scotland didn't own a pair of those. It may not dust often but it rained like it was monsoon season most of the time. (That's my childhood take on it anyway. It might have rained a lot less than I remember)
After we donned socks, bread bags, hand-knitted cardigans, and wellies, we headed out into the magic for a walk in the dust for a few hours. It's one of those times that will stay with me forever.
What is one of your childhood memories? Leave me a comment and let me know:)
Yeah,_It's_Snowing!_July_2018 SIG FRAME WEBYeah,_It's_Snowing!_July_2018 SIG FRAME WEB
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Karen MacDuff Squires

Mr. MacDuff Sits Under A Tree

July 16, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Mr. MacDuff has joined our family. We rescued him from an antique shop where a group of snotty-nosed kids were playing toss-the-bear with him. He was terribly grateful. He gave the kids a scolding as I carried him off to my car.

We had a fun chat when we got home and it appears he loves to get his portrait made, and since I love to make portraits, we decided to team up and get some work done.

After he had a nap, Mr. MacDuff took off outside to check out the backyard. He sat right down in the bright sunlight. It really was hot! It made his nose ouchy so I showed him how to hide under the shade of a tree. He felt much better under the tree.

We got him cozy by the trunk of the tree. He particularly loved the white rocks. He insisted on laying his hand on one.

Before I pressed the shutter on the camera I made sure there were no speckles of sunlight coming through the leaves that would turn to white spots in the photo. I don't think he'd like that. He's rather self-conscious about how he looks in photographs.

Here he is! He's insisted on a print to hang up. I'd better get it ordered.

Mr. MacDuff July 16 2018 (2) SOFT LANSCAPE COLOR FX 4Mr. MacDuff July 16 2018 (2) SOFT LANSCAPE COLOR FX 4

Baby Coo

July 13, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

The little girl is walking her baby "coo" -British slang for cow- down toward the church. She loves her baby coo and feels he should go with her to service. He's fine with the idea, of course, because he wants to be wherever his girl is.

Two kids, innocent, sweet, playful, staying by each other's sides.

The way it should be.


Baby_Coo_July_2018-3 SHARP SIGBaby_Coo_July_2018-3 SHARP SIG

Feel free to leave comments:)

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Karen MacDuff Squires


The Wait

July 05, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

The Wait can mean nine months of pregnancy.

For me, the first Wait was 16 years.

The_Wait._July_2018-3  SIG FRAMEThe_Wait._July_2018-3 SIG FRAME

I was late for my cycle and was hoping again that I might have conceived, but I knew that I hadn't. I'd hoped for 16 years!

I was feeling nauseated and it was increasing by the day. Sore chest. Tired. But I figured I had the flu.

For about a week I got sicker and sicker. Then one day at work I started needing the loo every 30 minutes. Oh great! I've also got a bladder infection! But then I remembered my mother had an over-active bladder early in her pregnancies. In fact it was her first sign that she was pregnant.

That day at work I decided it was time to get tested. I went to the local hospital where they ran free pregnancy tests. I was taken back and given a cup to urinate in. I handed the sample to the nurse and was lead back to the waiting room. I sat and waited for my news.

My thoughts were all over the place! I bet I'm really pregnant this time! I'm nauseated and getting worse by the day! Running to pee! No cycle! It MUST BE!

Then reality set it. No WAY is this happening to ME! It's been too long to turn up pregnant now! Sixteen years....!

I saw the nurse walking toward me with a smile on her face. She simply handed me the paper with a box check POSITIVE on it! I very calmly said thank you, took the paper and headed toward the door to the hall. Two steps out the door and I had tears in my eyes. Another few steps and I was waiting at the elevator with more tears.  Two floors lower and I had tears running down my cheeks and was beginning to gasp like a child who'd lost their cookie. The elevator doors opened and I stepped out and was walking down the hall toward the door to the parking lot. People who were walking toward me stopped and looked at me as I was now crying buckets, gasping, and trying unsuccessfully to get control of myself.

I made it to my car and climbed in. As I sat there continuing to cry, I all of a sudden realized that I actually had a baby growing inside me at that exact moment! I put my hand gently on my abdomen and said ."Hi baby! Hi"

Then my next "The Wait" began. It was a glorious time! Perfect! I loved my belly as it grew. The kicks. Hearing the heartbeat.

Our son was born right on time. He's 21 years old now and still bringing us complete joy!

The drawing isn't a representation of me. It's every woman.

Children are the purpose of my life. I'm sure many other women agree, and men too of course.

I adopted a son as well and his story is beautiful as well. I'll draw that one day.

Drop me a comment if you'd like to!

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Karen MacDuff Squires





June 29, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

A loving couple stands by the shore.

Are they watching a grown child leave to seek their adventure?

Are they waiting for a loved one to return?

Are they simply enjoying a moment together by the water’s edge?

No matter what they are doing, they love each other and are doing it together.

They are bonded.

Bonded_June_2018 SIG FRAMEBonded_June_2018 SIG FRAME

I drew this because they are watching their youngest child move away. My youngest is 13 years old and I am certainly feeling a sense of urgency to fit as much into the next few years as possible with her.  My job has been a mother for the last 35 years and I'm feeling I may be completely lost when they are all grown up.

Anyone else feeling that too?

Thanks for stopping by!

Karen MacDuff Squires