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My name is Karen MacDuff Squires.

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I am a photographer, fine artist, and graphic designer.

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Karen MacDuff



"Traffic Jam" Markers and Caran D'ache Pastels

May 20, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Do you feel like this in traffic? Blocks of colored metal everywhere? Things going fast?  Car noise? Great music playing? Singing as you whiz along?

I do!

Sometimes it's fun. Sometimes it's okay. Sometimes it's just rotten.

Depends on the day and my current mood.

But either way, there are blocks of colored metal everywhere. Things going fast. Car noise. Great music playing. And if you sing along, you'll feel much happier.

Floor and Wallpaper May 2018 Karen MacDuff Squires FRAME SIG PINTERESTFloor and Wallpaper May 2018 Karen MacDuff Squires FRAME SIG PINTEREST

Markers and Caran D'ache pastels. 18"x15"

Have a great day!

Karen MacDuff Squires

Planted A New Baby Evergreen

May 13, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

My son and I planted a few new trees today.  I have a love for evergreen trees because they -obviously- stay green all year, and they are somehow staying alive in my yard with little help from me other than water and vitamin sticks, and that makes me happy!

I don't have a green thumb.  In fact I planted the flowers in the pot last year and I discovered them today hidden under one of the evergreens. They survived the winter! Awesome!

The new baby trees are in the middle and the left.


Newly Planted Tree May 2018Newly Planted Tree May 2018

Here is another plant that survived the winter. It's an herb that went ahead and flowered this spring. Wish I could remember what it's called. You can see I'm not a gardener, but I enjoy playing in the mud and growing things...and enjoy taking pictures of them too.

Newly Planted Tree May 2018 (2)Newly Planted Tree May 2018 (2)

Been a long day!

Good night!

Karen MacDuff Squires

Duckling -Drawing

May 03, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I drew this duckling for Easter and forgot to blog her.

Duckling_March_4_2018 (C) Karen MacDuff Squires FRAMEDuckling_March_4_2018 (C) Karen MacDuff Squires FRAME

She reminds me of the rain yesterday. I love rain, the ocean, pools, lakes. It's obvious we came from the water a long time ago:)

Duckling_March_4_2018 (C) Karen MacDuff Squires NO SIG CONTRAST TANK REDBUBBLEDuckling_March_4_2018 (C) Karen MacDuff Squires NO SIG CONTRAST TANK REDBUBBLE

If you love to draw and would like to have your art on clothing, check out RedBubble.com.  I can't wait to get this ordered!

Photo Copyright: https://www.redbubble.com/people/macduffstudio/works/31582599-happy-little-ducking?p=contrast-tank&rbs=

Duckling_March_4_2018 (C) Karen MacDuff Squires NO SIG Phone CASE REDBUBBLEDuckling_March_4_2018 (C) Karen MacDuff Squires NO SIG Phone CASE REDBUBBLE

I'm Quackers for this phone case! (Okay, Okay, OKAY! I went too far. Not funny, ha ha)


Karen MacDuff Squires


Rocky At The Beach

May 02, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I went with my friend Jen to The Great Salt Lake the other day. She wanted to get some photos of her fur-baby, Rocky. Rocky had never been to The Great Salt Lake before and he was just ecstatic!  He was like a duck in the water! 

Jen and I were both shooting photos like crazy capturing this guy as he ran from one spot to the next. He was moving like a lightening bolt! It was fun seeing him so excited! 

He's got a huge grin in almost all of the photographs! Here are two of them.

_MMS6651 CROPPED edited_MMS6651 CROPPED edited _MMS6625 cropped and edited_MMS6625 cropped and edited

See that smile? He's impossible to watch and not smile along with him.

I bet he slept for a while after he got home!

Au revoir!

Karen MacDuff Squires

Chard -Drawing

May 02, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I was in the grocery store helping my mother do her shopping yesterday when I was stopped in my tracks by the beauty of a piece of chard. For those of you that may be as clueless as I was about what chard really looks like, it has a bright red stalk and a huge green leaf. I was immediately drawn to the powerful redness, the saturated greenness, and the contrast between them.

I bought some for the sole purpose of using the colors.

Chard_ with 3d FRAME 5-1-2018-1Chard_ with 3d FRAME 5-1-2018-1


I ended up not using the green in such a saturated way...the green on the leaves was a darker green and very saturated. I went with this lighter, less saturated version instead.

I added some text to give him attitude!


And here is Chard on a t-shirt.

Kick Rocks means -leave me alone! So if you told someone to leave you alone they look down and kick rocks as they are walking away.

Chard_5-1-2018-2 REDBUBBLEChard_5-1-2018-2 REDBUBBLE
Photo copyright:

He's called Chard...for obvious reasons:)

Au revoir!

Karen MacDuff Squires