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More macro shots:)


This first one isn't that hard to figure out. If you want to guess before I say what it is, don't look at the text below the photograph.



It's the inside of my water glass. My fingers are on the left side. I thought about cropping it to make it more mysterious, but I just couldn't cut any of it out. I like it as is.


This next one is a lot harder. It was Kiyah's idea. (My 8 year) The answer is under the photo.


We were painting a wall and were wearing plastic gloves to keep the paint off our fingers. This is two of the glove fingers all covered in dry paint.


I see faces in this one. See the space between them? I see a face on either side. They are facing each other. The one on the left has a bridge of a nose and tiny black eyes on either side. Then I see a scar running from the nostril to where the ear would be. The other face on the right has one dark slanted eye.


It seems like two people getting so close that they must have a very passionate relationship. They are best friends. They have that once in a lifetime bond that we all search for. I can almost feel the emotion coming from them.


Do I have a crazy imagination or what? I really do see it though.


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