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My name is Karen MacDuff Squires.

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I am a photographer, fine artist, and graphic designer.

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Mother And Child On a Windy Day

June 23, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I've been in love with simple crofts for years! I'm sure I could live in one, maybe-:) Dirt floors mean no vacuuming! That's a huge plus! There are more than just a few no's that I'd struggle living with though. Hm. I'm happy I was born in more modern times. 

"Mother And Child On A Windy Day" June_2018-1 SIG FRAME"Mother And Child On A Windy Day" June_2018-1 SIG FRAME

I drew "Mother And Child On a Windy Day" this morning while everyone was asleep...except for our five dogs. They are up and ready to go the second I wake up...the very second...or 7:00 am, whichever comes first. So I had five snuggle buddies with me. The more the merrier, and the more the hairier. (NEVER buy a velvet couch when you have pets. You'll be purchasing those sticky roller things to get rid of hair by the truck load) They're sure worth it though, the pets, not the rollers...although they are needed too:)


I hear cats are the same way...waking you up early that is. Our cats play in the rest of the house all night so they are not in the bedroom to wake me up.

I love mother-child images. The bond is certainly among the most powerful there are. Stephen King, King of Horror, said in a book he wrote, "There is no bitch alive like a mother in fear for her child." Except that I just went and checked I had the quote correct and apparently it's, "There's no bitch on earth like a mother frightened for her kids." I like my version better, Stephen. (WINK) I love Stephan King though. He's brilliant!

Okay, I'd better get back to the laundry, then onto mowing the lawn.

Have a great day!

Karen MacDuff Squires



Sunday Morning

June 22, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I came across an artist named Markey Robinson a few days ago. I fell in love with his paintings! 

Based on his style, I made this drawing today.

Sunday Morning June 2018 In Markey Robinson StyleSunday Morning June 2018 In Markey Robinson Style

I love the simplicity in his work. He was from Ireland, close to my homeland of Scotland.

This painting -below- is by Markey Robinson.

Markey RobinsonMarkey Robinson

So unique and full of emotion! It really grabs my heart:)

Off to have dinner with the fam:)

Karen MacDuff Squires

Simple Life #1 -Drawing

June 21, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I lead a simple life in Scotland as a child.

We didn't have a tv.

When I was a toddler we had an outhouse.

We played outside as often and as long as possible.

Food was simple.

We heated our homes with a coal fireplace so it was cold most of the time. We went to bed when the sun went down to conserve fuel. We froze all night. We had to start a fire every morning and it took most of the day to heat up the one room that was warm in the house.

We wore uniforms to school. We got wacked with a ruler if we spoke in class.

Our parents wacked us if we stepped out of line. 

Life was hard, but life was simple.

I tend to like simple art. Sort of folk-arty.

Gal In Simple life (C)karen MacDuff Squires June 2018 FLAT FRAME SIGGal In Simple life (C)karen MacDuff Squires June 2018 FLAT FRAME SIG

Simple colors. Simple character. Simple life.

Thanks for stopping by!

Karen MacDuff Squires


June 06, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I drew this to illustrate a woman moving ahead.

The spots behind her are urging her forward. The spots in front are supporting her as she moves into unfamiliar areas of her life.

The flowers that grow past the confines of her dress show she's not allowing expectations to hold her back.

It represents where I am in life. My children will soon all be adults. That brings me to a new place in my life: continuing on with career plans I'd had decades ago.

I can imagine I'm not alone:)

Fierce_June_6th_2018 FRAME STROKEFierce_June_6th_2018 FRAME STROKE

Thanks for stopping by!

Karen MacDuff Squires


Bubble Gum

June 03, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Are you in love with color? I sure am!

I can see a fun color and my brain will light up! I start dreaming about what I can do with it.

That's what happened when I saw pink and yellow in an ad the other day. The ad was a pineapple on a pink cloth. I couldn't wait to get to the drawing board to make something. This is what I made:)

Bubble Gum June 2nd 2018 (C)Karen MacDuff Squires Sig Frame StrokeBubble Gum June 2nd 2018 (C)Karen MacDuff Squires Sig Frame Stroke

BubbleGum RedbubbleBubbleGum Redbubble https://www.redbubble.com/people/macduffstudio/works/32061461-bubble-gum-in-springtime?asc=u&p=a-line-dress

The pink reminds me of bubble gum, the yellow reminds me of summer.

For some odd reason, I think I pretty much only chewed bubble gum in the summer! Hm. Could that possibly be true? Memories can be really odd things.

Have you ever shared a childhood memory with a sibling and they said that's not how it happened? Brains are funny.

My brain is saying right now that I need to go outside and pull weeds from the veggie garden. My body is saying no way! I'm good at counting to 5 and making myself get up and move.