MacDuff Studio | Session Tips

Session Tips


I've put together some tips to help your portrait session go more smoothly. They are just tips though so use your own creative ideas as well.


  • Colors: Cool earth tones consist of shades of blue, gray & green. Warm earth tones are brown, beige & cream. Warm and cool earth tones are great all year but warm earth tones are especially nice in the colder months. Pastels consist of light blues, peaches, purples, pinks, etc.  Pastels are best worn in the summer.
  • White shoes or white socks with darker pants make your shoes/socks the center of attention. Choose darker shoes and socks with dark pants.
  • White, or very light colors, and black or very dark colors don't photograph well. This includes white hair bows. Please stay away from those extremes. 
  • Lighter colors add weight. Darker colors subtract weight.
  • Big stripes, dots, prints, anything that will detract attention from your family should be avoided. Solid colors or very small prints are nice.
  • Everybody in the group should wear the same color tones.
  • Avoid clothing that has wording or large logos on it.
  • Sleeveless or short sleeved tops make your arms appear larger than they are. Wear long or 3/4 length sleeves if you feel self conscious about your arms.
  • If you paint your nails have them freshly done.
  • If you or anybody else who will be in the portraits has a tendency toward dry lips please use some moisturizer for a week before the session to clear it up.
  • Bare feet work great!
  • Bra straps showing cannot be edited out. Please make sure they don't show.
  • Tan lines cannot be edited out. Please wear clothing that covers it.
  • Please do not get a sunburn before your session. Sunburn cannot be edited out. Even sunburn that is healed to the point of flaky skin cannot be edited out. Makeup does not cover it well enough. You may want to reschedule if you have a sunburn.
  • Wear small, simple jewelery. Larger pieces demand attention and take it away from you.
  • Chewing gum may show even if you try to hide it in your mouth.
  • Have clean teeth and clean the children's teeth right before the session.
  • Bring tissues for runny noses.
  • Avoid colored drinks that make your lips colored before the session. Don't give children suckers to make them happy before the session. Their tongue will look a funny color:)
  • Ladies, even if you do not normally wear makeup it's a good idea to wear foundation to even out your skin tone. A little mascara looks nice too.
  • If you have dry skin use some lotion for a few days right up till the day of your session to smooth it out.
  • If your child has a cut or sore on their face, please reschedule.
  • Do satisfy your desire to be unique with your clothing. You can have a well organized selection of clothing and still be you. Scarfs, hats and jackets are cute accessories. Have fun with your choices and be yourself.


Well that's it. I hope you found this helpful.

Come prepared to have a blast:)