MacDuff Studio | Bella -Pooch -Digital Painting Painted in Traditional Painting Manner

Bella -Pooch -Digital Painting Painted in Traditional Painting Manner

March 12, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

There is just something about her eyes! I think she can read minds, do you agree?

She looks similar to my dog, Trinity. I bet that's why I was drawn to her photo -why I wanted to illustrate this based on her photo.

I feel there is a wonderful place for animals after this world. Maybe even a place away from those rotten humans that hurt some of them. Or maybe there is a place for those rotten humans so they can't inflict pain again. (I read about a terrible case of cat abuse yesterday so my blood is boiling)


Source photograph for this illustration created by victoriap107. A license was purchased to use the photograph as my source photo. The photographer was paid. Remember to always respect copyright:)

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"That Expression!" 2017 (C)Karen MacDuff Squires"That Expression!" 2017 (C)Karen MacDuff Squires


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