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The Walk

June 25, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

This is a park in Thornton, Kingdom of Fife, Scotland. It's the tiny village where I was born. The current population is 2020 people.  I can imagine it wasn't any more populated when I was born in 1962.

"The Walk" June 2018 SIG FLAT SHARP FRAME"The Walk" June 2018 SIG FLAT SHARP FRAME        

I was born in my grandmother's bed.  My mother was born in the same home in the same bed. 

The drawing is my older sister and I running through the park. I bet we're heading home to have some haggis and chips. I bet we'll have some trifle for dessert. Delicious!

Life goes way too fast! Take photos, make videos, draw memories!

Have a great day!

Karen MacDuff Squires



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