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MORE Frozen Utah

December 12, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

It's such a cold day here in Utah! It's 1:51pm and it's still only 28 degrees fahrenheit. Brrrr...

Unfortunately I have the awesome job of being a poop scopper before the sun sets. We have five rescue dogs and they can sure make some work out there. The field behind our house, photo below, is full of cows. Lucky farmer gets to leave the cow mess to the worms, birds, the elements. Of course the cows don't head inside so they can't track it in with them. 

(I hope you're not eating)

So here are some more frozen shots.

1) Field behind my house. Can you see the cow hunkered down trying to keep warm in the field?

2) Chain link fence.

3) Blades of grass.

4) Upper part of an iron garden chair.

5) Back support on the iron garden chair

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I hope you're staying warm!

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