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Mock Spring

January 20, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

It's been so unseasonably warm here in the The Great Salt Lake Valley! I've been loving it! I know I know...we need water for the summer. But Rain will do the same job so let's have that instead.

I made the illustration -bottom of post- at the vet's office yesterday while I was waiting for our darling Dustin to get seen by the vet. I was trying to take my mind off the fact that he is old and had started acting sick the day before. I was hoping to be told he had a cold, but we were told he has a bad liver and has prediabetes. We're so very sad. We are crazy about him! We're hoping the diagnosis is wrong -first stage of grief- and that he has some virus that affects his liver. The calicivirus can do that. He is acting better today so our hopes are up. We won't let him suffer if he's in pain or miserable though. I dread making that decision and carrying through with it. 

This is Mr. Dustin about three years ago. He was a cat at the time. I was taking photos of lots of cats and dogs that day with other photographers and happened to be the photographer up for taking the next cat's photos when it was Dustin's turn. Little did I know that we'd end up fostering him and falling head over heals in love. I love those happy little coincidences because I have his pre-adoption portrait.

Look at that face! He's a love ball! He's so purry and friendly! He loves his girlfriends....we also have three girl cats that he adores! He kisses their faces all the time..even the Miss Izadora, who loves to swat him. He just walks away and tries again later.

We're hoping with all our hearts that he'll be okay and we can have more time with him. He's about 17 years old but we've only had him for about 3 years. Get well baby!

UPDATE on Dustin: It's been three days since we were at the vet and he's doing much better! He had a virus, a nasty one. Probably the Calicivirus. I don't know how bad the liver test at the vet was but I'll call and find out. Hopefully it wasn't that bad and that the virus caused it and hopefully his liver will recover as the virus clears up. His runny eyes have cleared up. His pink, half-closed eyes are back to normal. He's beathing normally again. No more growling at the other cats. He's eating and drinking now. And after days of sleeping, he's now awake and getting around.  We are so incredibly happy! Euthanasia was recommended by the vet so always be careful about making quick decisions.


Izobel, my 13 year old, drew a portrait of Dustin last night. She's not done yet but I'll post it when she is. It's her way of dealing with the sadness.

UPDATE: Here is the drawing Izobel made of Dustin. I love it! Her Instagram name is izobelsquires. She'd love to see you there!

Dustina Izobel Squires Jan 21 2018Dustina Izobel Squires Jan 21 2018

Here's the illustration I drew in the vet's office. Dustin was gone for a while getting tests ran, poor boy:(

There are flowers and snow. Seems to cover this winter's weather.

Jan 20-2018Jan 20-2018

Happy winter-spring-winter!




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