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Illustration of a Lady

February 08, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Hello -Bonjour!

I love BIG hair! Maybe it's because I have small hair, ha:)

I love the rain -pluie, as well as the nighttime sky full of stars -étoiles, so this gal got both.

I drew her face from a photo on Artist's name: Adina Voicu. 

I added the red in her hair to show her fiery side. She's nice, but don't push it! (Am I talking about myself? Not that I wouldn't love to be her, but I'm more of a rug trying to be fiery) I always wanted to be an art therapist. Art is a great way to say what maybe we can't say with our mouths. Maybe I'll throw her on a back female cut t-shirt and wear her attitude, lol:)

February 7th 2018 (C) Karen MacDuff Squires FRAMEFebruary 7th 2018 (C) Karen MacDuff Squires FRAME

Okay, done for now!

Thanks for stopping by -Merci d'être passé!

See you soon! -à bientôt-



French words displayed as writing practice. My daughter and I are learning how to speak it so when we head back to Scotland someday we will be able to speak French when we visit France, which is a hop, skip and a jump away from Scotland.


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