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Kayla -Rescued Dog

February 22, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

This is Kayla. She's a rescued dog by

I had her at a park with a fellow CAWS photographer. It was a really chilly morning but she didn't seem to notice. We got a lot of really cute photographs of her. I love the one I used to draw this illustration especially because of the way she's got her mouth. It's a howl look, although there was no howl.

She also looks like she's got a donut in her mouth, it's just her adorable chin though.

I think I'll put this on a t-shirt. If I do, I'll share the results.

Kayla CAWS dog Drawn Feb 2018 -Karen MacDuff Squires FRAME SIGKayla CAWS dog Drawn Feb 2018 -Karen MacDuff Squires FRAME SIG

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P.S. No French words this time. My computer is being weird and it won't let me highlight the French words to make them italics. Once I get that issue solved, back to the French.


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