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There are artists who feel secure that their art is good. They may be right, they may be wrong. 

There are artists who are insecure and feel their art is not good. They may be right, they may be wrong.

There are artists who have no idea if their art is good or not.

Art is a personal experience though, whether it's the artist looking, a critic, or the casual observer.  Even critics don't always agree on what's good. I've watched trusted critics completely disagree on the success of a piece.

So if you're the secure artist, great, keep drawing! You'll get better! If you're not good, you'll get better.

If you're the insecure artist, keep drawing, you'll get better.

I'm the artist that has no idea. So I keep drawing. I am going to get better.

It's not true that you need to be born with a gift to be a creative. It's just like any other skill. The more you practice. The more skill you acquire.

To train your brain to become more skilled takes a lot of practice. Drawing once a week will not be as effective as drawing every day.

So grab a pad and pencil, or whatever tool makes you happy, and draw:)

Tiger 3-2018 Karen MacDuff SquiresTiger 3-2018 Karen MacDuff Squires


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