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Snowy Hollow

March 28, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I think I could be a female Grizzly Adams. I love being outdoor! It's like another world all together.

I'm an introvert, and getting more and more that way as I go through life. I love to grab my camera and head outside and get lost in shooting nature. Being alone is energizing for me. I love being with my family as well though. They bring me complete joy.

I was out a few weeks ago and shot this photograph. Can you imagine yourself walking through the snow, feeling the crunching of the ice under your feet, breathing in the crisp air? I can get lost looking at the wonder of the scene.

Sugarhouse Utah 3-2018 edit 1 FRAMEUtah 2018 Well, I'm off to have diner with the fam:)

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