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Chard -Drawing

May 02, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I was in the grocery store helping my mother do her shopping yesterday when I was stopped in my tracks by the beauty of a piece of chard. For those of you that may be as clueless as I was about what chard really looks like, it has a bright red stalk and a huge green leaf. I was immediately drawn to the powerful redness, the saturated greenness, and the contrast between them.

I bought some for the sole purpose of using the colors.

Chard_ with 3d FRAME 5-1-2018-1Chard_ with 3d FRAME 5-1-2018-1


I ended up not using the green in such a saturated way...the green on the leaves was a darker green and very saturated. I went with this lighter, less saturated version instead.

I added some text to give him attitude!


And here is Chard on a t-shirt.

Kick Rocks means -leave me alone! So if you told someone to leave you alone they look down and kick rocks as they are walking away.

Chard_5-1-2018-2 REDBUBBLEChard_5-1-2018-2 REDBUBBLE
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He's called Chard...for obvious reasons:)

Au revoir!

Karen MacDuff Squires



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