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Mr. MacDuff Sits Under A Tree

July 16, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Mr. MacDuff has joined our family. We rescued him from an antique shop where a group of snotty-nosed kids were playing toss-the-bear with him. He was terribly grateful. He gave the kids a scolding as I carried him off to my car.

We had a fun chat when we got home and it appears he loves to get his portrait made, and since I love to make portraits, we decided to team up and get some work done.

After he had a nap, Mr. MacDuff took off outside to check out the backyard. He sat right down in the bright sunlight. It really was hot! It made his nose ouchy so I showed him how to hide under the shade of a tree. He felt much better under the tree.

We got him cozy by the trunk of the tree. He particularly loved the white rocks. He insisted on laying his hand on one.

Before I pressed the shutter on the camera I made sure there were no speckles of sunlight coming through the leaves that would turn to white spots in the photo. I don't think he'd like that. He's rather self-conscious about how he looks in photographs.

Here he is! He's insisted on a print to hang up. I'd better get it ordered.

Mr. MacDuff July 16 2018 (2) SOFT LANSCAPE COLOR FX 4Mr. MacDuff July 16 2018 (2) SOFT LANSCAPE COLOR FX 4


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