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Yeah! It's Dusting!

July 16, 2018  •  Leave a Comment
Snow in Scotland was a slight dusting compared to other areas on the planet. But when it dusted we were really happy and just had to go out and play.
One time I remember in particular it was completely dark outside. It was a full moon though so there was that ethereal quality to the world.
We didn't have gloves at all. I don't remember if it was because we were too broke, or because it wasn't that cold very often. Either way, we had no gloves. My mother came up with a plan though. She used to save bread bags for other uses. That day the use was waterproofing over the three pairs of socks she put on each of our hands to keep our little fingers warm.
We did have wellies though -waterproof boots- no one in Scotland didn't own a pair of those. It may not dust often but it rained like it was monsoon season most of the time. (That's my childhood take on it anyway. It might have rained a lot less than I remember)
After we donned socks, bread bags, hand-knitted cardigans, and wellies, we headed out into the magic for a walk in the dust for a few hours. It's one of those times that will stay with me forever.
What is one of your childhood memories? Leave me a comment and let me know:)
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