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A friend of mine, and someone many of you know -Neila Jordan- is fighting a battle to help her dog Cartman beat cancer. She has set up a t-shirt campaign to help pay for his treatment. She is heading to Colorado State University with Cartman in two weeks and could use money from the campaign to help cover the cost of his treatment.
Please support Neila and Cartman and purchase a t-shirt that sports Carman's cute face! There are different t-shirt styles and colors available!
Neila Jordan -Cartman- More_Eye_Heighlights (C) Karen MacDuff Squires MacDuff StudioNeila Jordan -Cartman- More_Eye_Heighlights (C) Karen MacDuff Squires MacDuff Studio
The above drawing is for the t-shirts. They are silk-screened so we simplified it; the cost goes up fast with added colors. I love the simplicity! 
I continued the drawing of Cartman, below, so Neila could have his full brindle coat on a print for her wall. 
Wall_Print_2 (C) Karen MacDuff Squires Feb 2018 FRAMEWall_Print_2 (C) Karen MacDuff Squires Feb 2018 FRAME
Most of us know just how heartbreaking it is to loose a loved one. Please send your thoughts, prayers and  cash (buy a shirt -:) Neila and Cartman's way to help this amazing little man.
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